1. "Of the utmost importance to our business . . . "

    "On behalf of Niagara Thermal Products, I would like to extend my thanks to you and your entire organization for all of the hard work you put in to help us get the three heat exchangers for ETP-055 tested successfully. The completion of this testing was of the utmost importance to our business in the near future, and the extra effort put in by your employees, especially Brent Marriott (who came in during your shut down week to complete the last burst test), is greatly appreciated."

    Daniel Newman, Niagara Thermal Products, Niagara Falls, New York

  2. "Quick responsiveness . . ."

    "I would like to officially thank you for your help recently with an ongoing project we have. It has been an instrumental part in the growth of our company and due to your help and quick responsiveness in providing me with the material chemistry, I was able to accommodate our customer's concerns and address them with the understanding that we want to provide them with them best service that DOYLES has to offer. This resulted in DOYLES being able to procure an increased amount of business from this customer and further establish ourselves in the Oil and Gas Community. DOYLES would like to thank Element for your help and we look forward to working with you more in the future."

    Kevin Stange, Quality Manager, DOYLES, Houston

  3. "I would highly recommend him and Element."

    "In one case, Dr. Tartaglia performed a detailed failure analysis that helped me favorably settle a long-running case. In another, he reviewed a manufacturer’s report on their examination of a failed device and provided me an analysis that led to a successful settlement.

    "Whenever I speak with an attorney who needs someone with John's expertise, I give them his name. I would highly recommend him and Element." 

    Attorney L. Palmer Foret, L. Palmer Foret, P.C.

  4. "Quick and professional . . ."

    "Via this way, I’d like to thank you for the great job you did for Philips Healthcare. Since the issue we had was serious and had impact on safety for our customers it was necessary to react quick and professional. This attitude that your company gave and the fast response during the last weeks was a major part of the success in how we approached our problem.

      Wim Janssens, Industrial Manager Mobile Surgery, Philips Healthcare, Best, The Netherlands

  5. "Quick results . . ."

    "I have been doing business with [Element] for about 15 years. This company has always done an excellent job for me. When I need quick results, I always get them."

    Brenda Denton, Production Manager, A & B Aerospace, Azusa, California

  6. "A world class operation . . ."

    "Thank you for your efforts . . . Your turn around definitely shows that [Element] is definitely a world class operation."

    Charlie Martin, United Tool & Stamping Company, Woodland Park, New Jersey

  7. "Support and customer service . . ."

    "Thank you for working with us diligently and for the high level of support and customer service. We look forward to working with you in the future."

    Ravi Kaggal, Invista Orange (Invista Village) 

  8. "Consistently responsive . . ."

    "Technical competence is a given in this industry. It's consistently responsive customer service that sets [Element] apart." 

    Gary Kingry, Ellwood Texas Forge, Houston Texas 

  9. "Very informative . . ."

    "The slides about non-destructive and materials testing were very informative and well produced. I enjoyed learning about the different techniques and know where to come for more information. The tour of the facility was also outstanding. I felt like we were in a CSI episode during parts of the tour." 

    Brian Pearce, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Blaine, Minnesota


  10. "Outstanding performance . . ."

    "Please extend my thanks to you and your staff at [Element] for your outstanding performance, help and advice over the last few weeks. [Element] has serviced Lapham-Hickey Steel here in Little Canada beyond expectations. With your help, we have been able to do in 3 weeks what takes some shops a year or more to do. For that, I am thankful and simply can't give enough praise to you and the fine employees at [Element]. 

    "From Laurie at the front desk to your guys in X-Ray, the helpfulness and willingness to accommodate our (sometimes unreasonable) needs is second to none. I look forward working with you and the entire [Element] family in the future on other projects."

    Pat Domeier, Lapham-Hickey Steel, Little Canada Division 

  11. "Quick responses on quotes . . ."

    "Your completion dates, based on my requested due dates, have been fantastic!!!  I really want to compliment your entire staff.

    "'Quick responses on quotes' & 'quick follow-ups'.....are also equal to none!!

    "I certainly appreciate everything everybody does at [Element] to make my life easier."

    Glenn Kusumi, General Manager, Hurlen Corporation-Kenig Aerospace, Sante Fe Springs, CA

  12. "A top notch company . . . "

    "Our company has been using [Element] since 2004 and I just wanted to tell [Element] that it has been a great experience working with everyone out there. From the top to the bottom, everyone I deal with has been great, always nice to talk to on the phone and Ron Cox comes by and visits me once a year.

    "The turnaround time on jobs submitted to [Element] has been excellent. Ellen Link has really been a great asset to your metallurgy department.

    "This is a top notch company that really has customer service down to a tee. All this I have spoken about in this letter has helped our company succeed in getting our mission accomplished.

    "Thanks to everyone at [Element] for the excellent service!"

     Devon Brown, Chief Metallurgist, Precision Components International, Inc., Columbus, Georgia

  13. "First class management and execution . . ."

    "With a long and detailed test program behind us, we can look back on the good experience of the past 10 months. Compared to our previous experiences with other test houses we can state clearly that the whole team at [Element] have been a pleasure to work with. They have been very professional throughout and their management and execution of the test program has been first class. 

    "It has been possible for our technical staff to develop a close working relationship with the [Element] team ensuring that inevitable problems and questions were resolved promptly, keeping the timetable on track. Our experience with [Element] has raised our expectations of how a test program should be carried out."

    Bob Paterson, Chairman, 2K Polymer Systems Limited, Derbyshire, England, UK