Element Cincinnati

The former MAR-TEST, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio, is now part of Element Materials Technology.

A leader in evaluating materials, components and devices for industry for forty years, Element Cincinnati was established as an independent mechanical testing laboratory with particular expertise in elevated temperature, low-cycle fatigue testing. Continual expansion of facilities and capabilities has enabled Element Cincinnati to gain international recognition as one of the premier mechanical testing facilities in the world. In addition to fatigue testing, we offer high quality monotonic testing services including tension and compression, torsion, fracture mechanics, stress and creep rupture.

Element Cincinnati serves aerospace, power generation, oil gas, transportation, biomedical, and farm heavy equipment suppliers and manufacturers in the United States and worldwide. Our experts support quality programs for companies and industries; we hold Nadcap certification and maintain accreditation through the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

Element Cincinnati's manufacturing division, also in Cincinnati, specializes in the preparation of mechanical test samples with particular expertise in low stress grinding and polishing of fatigue specimens. Materials machined include aluminum alloys, steels, titanium, superalloys, and composites. Test grips and fixtures are also routinely manufactured.

Manufacturing Division
Test Samples  

Manufacturing Division

  • Flat & Cylindrical Tensile
  • Flat & Cylindrical Fatigue
  • Rupture
  • Compact Tension
  • Center Crack
  • Rotating Beam
  • Coating Buttons
  • Notched Samples 
  • EDM
  • Water-Jet
  • Abrasive cut-up
  • Inertia Welding
  • Sample Layout Drawings
  • Material Procurement
  • Surface Grinding
  • OD Grinding 

The manufacturing facility can be contacted through the same phone number: 513 771 2536. Their address is Element Cincinnati, 12077 Mosteller Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241.