Durable Goods and Appliance Testing

From automobiles to cash registers to dishwashers, products designed to last longer than three years are examples of durable goods. But, "durable" doesn't just apply to the appliance on the showfloor; most of the materials and parts that comprise these products need to last as long as the product itself. Hoses, tanks, belts, windshields and windshield wipers, paints and coatings, fans, valves, switches, fasteners--in order to plan for a successful market launch, each item must perform as designed in the appliance or application.

Customized testing for your product

Element experts provide the testing manufacturers need to meet regulatory, industry, or corporate quality goals, whether for an assembled product, a component, the raw materials, or the finishing touches. Our accredited laboratories are equipped with instruments that measure--based on your needs--your product's performance over time, in transit, under expected or unexpected environmental conditions, or otherwise in use. The data generated by this testing is interpreted by our scientists and technicians to determine the product's compliance with standards or other quality requirements.

Protecting your product from regulatory noncompliance can be highly technical and complex. Professional support from your Element quality team is just a phone call away.