Humidity Testing

Humidity affects stress on materials and products to a degree that can be calculated. The data generated by humidity testing can be important in planning materials selection, paints and coatings, and expected lifetime of a product.

Element humidity testing laboratories and equipment

High and low humidity can be simulated in a number of testing chambers and machines. Element laboratories routinely use salt spray and salt fog chambers to simulate high humidity marine environments as part of a corrosion testing program. HALT/HASS chambers provide a spectrum of humidity/temperature environments for Highly Accelerated Stress Testing of materials, parts, and products. In Element New Berlin, an ESPEC ESX-4CA Platinous Temperature & Humidity Chamber features extreme ranges of temperature, from -70 °C to 150 °C (-94°F to 302°F) and humidity (5% to 98%) in any combination or sequence in a 32-cubic foot volume workspace.

In addition, our climatics laboratories also use temperature and altitude testing chambers that can incorporate humidity settings as part of a combined environmental test program.

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