• Element operates radiographic laboratories around the country, staffed with certified technicians and outfitted with the latest technical and image processing equipment to process, inspect, and certify to the highest standards a wide variety of products for the aerospace, power generation, military, nuclear, and commercial industries.... view service

  • When abrasion is the predominant factor causing deterioration of your materials this test will give you data to compare materials or coatings and can help you predict the life time of a material or coating.... view service

  • Ultraviolet radiation, temperature, and moisture are the factors that contribute to material degradation for products exposed to the elements. Accelerated weathering is the simulation of these conditions using special environmental chambers and instruments in order to speed up the weathering process and measure its effects on parts, components, products, and materials.... view service

  • The stresses placed on a material or product when subjected to increasing gravity load can be catastrophic. Acceleration loads can cause structural problems such as deflection, fastener or hardware failure, and problems with flow and pressure regulation.... view service

  • Element is pleased to offer Additive Manufacturing Testing of products. Whether your products go into a jet engine or are part of a hip implant, Element Materials Technology is your additive manufacturing testing partner of choice.... view service

  • Producing fasteners for the aerospace industry requires a greater focus on quality and material selection to meet high performance expectations. A comprehensive testing program helps you to ensure that your materials and processes will meet your customers’ exacting requirements.... view service

  • Element offers a comprehensive suite of services to help companies comply with these air quality regulations, including accurate sampling, analyzing, and measuring organic compounds, metals, and other toxics in source emissions. Our scientists stay current with industrial and legislative changes to ensure that your compliance program is efficient and up-to-date. ... view service

  • Element’s Air Emissions Services group provides specialized sampling and stack testing techniques, as contained in EPA SW-846 documents and EPA draft methodologies. Our staff of scientists, air pollution engineers, and project managers will design or recommend the best sampling and analytical method for your specific application.... view service

  • Element test engineers simulate altitude, temperature, and other in-flight conditions to provide comprehensive performance data to manufacturers and designers of parts and components for military, aerospace, missile, rocket, helicopter, and other aviation industries. ... view service

  • More than just a laboratory, Element engineers are actively involved in the concrete anchors industry, developing equipment and procedures to conduct cracked concrete anchor testing, a test now required by building standards nationwide.... view service

  • Element Lafayette has the experience, knowledge, dedication and expertise to service all of your bioassay testing needs including drilling fluids LC50 and sediment toxicity testing, freshwater effluents, saltwater effluents and environmental product qualification testing.... view service

  • Element operates an advanced acoustic testing laboratory and employs experienced staff to provide accurate and reliable noise emission and sound emission data to our customers.... view service

  • Element's asphalt testing services group evaluates asphalt binders, asphalt mixtures and other derivatives of asphalt geared for use in the construction industry. This group maintains a high level of proficiency through technician experience, certifications and laboratory accreditations (A2LA and AASHTO).... view service

  • Element Materials Technology operates the largest, most complete independent bedding and mattress testing laboratory in the United States. Our clients supply medical, institutional and consumer markets with some of the most advanced sleep systems available.... view service

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken an active role in monitoring what is commonly called hazardous waste combustion or HWC, with the passage of rules that govern the "Burning of Hazardous Waste in Boilers and Industrial Furnaces," otherwise known as the BIF rule.... view service

  • Element Lafayette is one of the few laboratories in the United States to offer analytical as well as aquatic toxicity testing services under one roof. Our team of experts has the knowledge, dedication and expertise to service all of your bioassay needs by providing biomonitoring toxicity tests for petroleum, industrial and municipal customers as well as product qualification and R&D technical support for product registration and R&D endeavors.... view service

  • Element's bird strike impact testing facility simulates the effects of an airborne bird strike and the resulting damage to aircraft products and components. Experts in our bird strike lab simulate a strike using a specially-made cannon that can launch birds of weights of up to 6.5 pounds. High-speed video of your test is available for your records.... view service

  • Element experts have hands-on experience with AWS and ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes, including the use of aluminum, copper, silver, gold, and nickel filler metals to braze both metallic and non-metallic substrates using common heating methods such as torch, induction, resistance or furnace.... view service

  • Element helps breath alcohol ignition interlock device manufacturers meet standards for their products to comply with Federal Register/ Vol. 57 No. 67/ Tuesday, April 7, 1992 Notices NHTSA Docket No. 91-07, Notice 2, and Cenelec EN 50436-1 and -2. Element St. Paul is a nationally recognized, independent testing laboratory with 15 years of experience testing alcohol detection devices. ... view service

  • Element laboratories serve manufacturers, designers, suppliers, and industry organizations with comprehensive computer-based Thermal Simulation and Physical Thermal Testing services to help our clients meet today's demanding thermal performance and quality requirements.... view service

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