Saab Aerospace – Gripen fighter aircraft


Materials testing


Exova Linköping, Sweden (now owned by Element Materials Technology)

The tests

When Saab was to design the world’s first 4th generation fighter, the Gripen, one of their key performance goals was to create a structure with minimal weight and maximum strength. With Exova’s extensive experience in the testing of advanced metal and composite materials, we were able to support Saab with a full spectrum of material selection and qualification, the development of testing, inspection and production programmes, composite repair techniques, non-destructive testing and failure investigation.

The result

With a focus on finding limiting factors for materials, as well as safe and life-extending repair techniques, we were able to help Saab not only choose the right materials but advance the capabilities of those materials in operational situations. We also worked with Saab to consider the future environmental impact of the aircraft, ensuring that almost all of the aircraft is prepared for recycling.