Join us at the Virtual 2021 NACE Corrosion Expo from April 19 – 30, 2021 to hear special lectures, participate in the Protective Coatings Workshop, network, and view the virtual exhibit hall at the world’s largest corrosion conference.  

About the event

Featuring various industry experts, 300+ hours of content and access until October 2021, and exhibits, speakers, and workshops, this conference is a one-stop-shop for all things corrosion. Whether you would like to learn more about methods for corrosion identification, combating corrosion, or preventing corrosion problems, this conference and exposition will provide value to you no matter what your position across various corrosion industries is. Learn more about this event here. 

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Our corrosion experts follow international testing standards and protocols such as ASTM, and ISO. We can assist you with selecting the correct corrosion test method, evaluating results, material selection, corrosion assessments, recommending efficiencies and preventative mitigation measures. Through skilled analysis of simulation exposure data, we help our customers to reduce the future risk of corrosion damage to components, pipelines, and other critical infrastructure assets.

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