Join Arokiya Raja Gaden, Certified Industrial Hygienist at Element Dubai, for a live webinar on Thermal/Heat Stress Management to learn how to ensure the health and safety of your employees working in hot environments and meet statutory obligations.  

Why should I attend? 

Heat stress is a physical health hazard that affects the workers’ health while exposed to stressful thermal work environments. The webinar will guide employers working in the Middle East during the hot summer months on how to protect their employees from illnesses and injuries related to environmental heat exposure.

Additionally, Arokiya will discuss the associated risks of exceeding commonly used heat stress exposure limits, the signs, and symptoms of heat-related disorders, and recommended first aid. 

The session will include explanations and demonstrations of topics including: 

  1. Industrial hygiene
  2. Industrial hygiene programs outline
  3. Heat stress management
  4. Health hazards
  5. Heat stress measurement
  6. Thermal Work Limit (TWL)

Attendees will understand the risk of heat stress, learn how to recognize, control, and manage it in the workplace, and most importantly, what actions can be taken to prevent it. 

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July 28th at 14:00 UEA / 13:00 AST / 15.30pm IST / 11:00 BST

About the presenter

Arokiya Raja Gaden, who has recently joined Element’s Dubai laboratory, is a highly skilled Industrial Hygienist with experience in the Middle East oil & gas and pharmaceutical industries. He has an extensive track record in coordinating, planning, executing industrial hygiene programs to improve the work environment for customers.

He is experienced in industrial/occupational hygiene practice, environmental assessments, and ergonomics. Raja is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) from the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH).

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