Jacob Harvey is a specialist in developing custom test programs in the Automotive and Medical Device sectors.


Jacob Harvey is an engineer with extensive experience in a variety of industry sectors,including aerospace design, automotive manufacturing, and medical device testing.

Jacob gained his Mechanical Engineering degree from Purdue University and applies this experience and knowledge to help improve the testing capabilities and the overall quality of the testing that Element performs. Jacob helps to improve current capabilities but also works with customers to develop future capabilities or meet the testing needs of our customers. This has meant assisting with test plan development, custom test stand development, or sometimes both.

Industry Experience

Jacob has experience ranging from design and analysis of gas turbine engine components, maintaining and improving automotive manufacturing processes, and medical device material and product qualification testing in previous employers. All this experience contributes to the knowledge that he can apply to the specific product or material that is being tested. 

Project Experience
  • Qualifying and improving routine mechanical test frames from design and install to qualification through proficiency testing
  • Developing non-standard test method modifications on standard tests such as elevated temperature tensile and creep testing
  • Developing and operating custom test stands for medical device customers
  • PQT and material testing of Nitinol and stainless steel medical devices (simulated usage, fatigue, dimensional verification, etc.)
  • Raw material characterization of Nitinol material through Bend and Free recovery (ASTM F2082), Tensile Testing (ASTM F2516), and laboratory developed methods for fatigue characterization
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