Trevor Judice is recognized as a leading expert in gas and liquid hydrocarbon analysis as well as specialty gas manufacturing and application throughout the Oil & Gas Industry.

Trevor's experience has helped serve many disciplines in the Oil & Gas industry from exploration and production, pipeline and rail transportation of products, as well as refinery operations and completions. Trevor is a member of GPA Midstream Association, GPSA Midstream Suppliers and an instructor at the GPA Midstream Chromatography School. 

Industry experience

The Oil & Gas industry continues to demand more accuracy and precision as they look to tighten the uncertainty surrounding the products they are producing and transporting. Trevor has continuously been ahead of the industry, leading the charge in providing customers hydrocarbon analysis and calibration standards surpassing industry requirements. Element continues to develop best practices results to provide the highest quality results that our customers demand.

  • GPA MIdstream Association
  • GPSA Midstream Suppliers
  • Instructor at GPA Midstream Chromatography School
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