Dr. Liu is an experienced materials engineer, specializing in electronics interconnect materials, processes and failure analysis.


He has both MS and PhD degrees in Metallurgical Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison. With over 20 years of experience in the field of electronic components and circuit boards, Dr. Liu is an IPC certified inspector in surface and cross-sectional inspection and types of defects that impact the reliability and durability of electronic products. 

Project Experience
Recent projects that Dr. Liu has led or significantly contributed to include:
  • Development of a new type of automotive position sensors
  • Improvement of the performance of computer pointing devices
  • Improvement of cell phone SAW (surface acoustic wave) duplexer interconnects.

Dr. Liu was involved in pioneering a novel process of making lead-free solder balls 


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US Patent 7,665,440, Cylinder Liners and Methods for Making Cylinder Liners. 

US Patent 6,414,584, Carbon Fiber Wiper. 

US Patent 6,392,529, Carbon Fiber Contactor Having an Elastomer to Reduce Hysteresis. 

US Patent 6,140,907, Carbon Fiber Contacting Position Sensor. 


Surface Mount Technology Association 

ASM International

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