Melis van Harten is a Senior Metallurgist specializing in metallurgical evaluation and examination of automotive materials.

At Element, Melis completes failure analysis and routine testing on a large variety of components, materials, and processes including fractography, corrosion failures, weld evaluations, and powder metal. He works directly with Aluminum Alloys such as Copper Based Alloys, Irons, Steels and Nickel based Alloys by casting, forging and performing extrusion evaluations.

Prior to his time at Element, Melis worked as an Engineering manager in a stainless and carbon steel casting foundry where he helped produce various pump and industrial components for the following:

  • technical support
  • process control
  • heat treatment
  • charge calculations for control of heat chemistry
  • chemical analysis
  • defect assessment

He was also a Chief Metallurgist in an aluminum and copper alloy investment foundry for commercial and aerospace industries. As a Chief Metallurgist he provided the following:

  • Solid mold and shell methods
  • Technical support
  • process control
  • control of melt chemistry
  • chemical analysis
  • gating and control of casting processes
  • evaluation of heat treatment
  • metallographic evaluations
  • analysis of casting defects
  • implementation of corrective measures.

His sector experience includes Metallurgical evaluations of failed heat exchanger fin tubes, and Metallurgical evaluations with the intent to reduce forging defects in aluminum automotive components, and the incidence of aluminum extrusion defects. His additional sector experience includes working in Power generation with heat exchangers (OTSG’s), hydraulic turbines and electric transmission components.

Melis van Harten has a Bachelor of Metallurgy and Materials Science, and a Master of Metallurgical Engineering from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

He is a member of the Professional Engineers Ontario (P.Eng).

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