About Element Bridgwater

Element Bridgwater has developed over the past 30 years from a traditional routine metallic testing laboratory into an Aerospace testing facility capable of testing metallic and polymer based composites. 

The laboratory offers a solution to clients needing to investigate the properties of materials as diverse as polymer composites, adhesives and thermoplastics through to metallics, fabricated materials and finished fastener components. It also specializes in non-destructive testing for the Infrastructure and Food sectors, and provides services in food, beverage and dairy inspection, spray dryer inspection and various types of commercial water testing, including Potable, contaminated, heat exchange, domestic showers, swimming pools and spas.

The Bridgwater laboratory is located on the M5 corridor in the heart of the South West UK’s Aerospace cluster. The laboratory services leading OEM clients producing airframes and jet engines from across the globe with a comprehensive materials testing and evaluation service.

The laboratory’s services include the static mechanical and physical testing of fabricated components, metallic and polymer composite materials, in addition to metallurgical analysis. Complementing this, Bridgwater has a fully equipped machine shop for specimen preparation coupled with environmental chambers for moisture conditioning of polymer composites.

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Bridgwater Airbus 2018 Approvals
    PDF - 3.2 MB Download
  • Bridgwater Augusta Westland Exova Cert of Approval scope 2014
    PDF - 365.27 KB Download
  • Bridgwater Embraer Approval Letter Exova Bridgwater
    PDF - 831.36 KB Download
  • Bridgwater Embraer Approval Letter Exova Bridgwater Metallic
    PDF - 2.83 MB Download
  • Bridgwater GE GT193-T9208-Jul 31 2020 AI-1
    PDF - 37.11 KB Download
  • Bridgwater GKN additive form
    PDF - 459.17 KB Download
  • Bridgwater GKN approval certificate 2013
    PDF - 173.23 KB Download
  • Bridgwater Nadcap NMMT Certificate
    PDF - 93.59 KB Download
  • Bridgwater Rolls Royce Approval Certificate
    PDF - 319.1 KB Download
  • Bridgwater Rolls Royce Nuclear Submarine Approval Cert
    PDF - 329.51 KB Download
  • Bridgwater Safran cert unlimited 2017 updated
    PDF - 433.66 KB Download
  • Bridgwater UKAS Certificate
    PDF - 226.96 KB Download

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