Composite testing in the hands of experts

Composite testing is an increasingly crucial service for aerospace, military, power generation, and transportation applications.

Composites testing requires specialized knowledge, experience and equipment. Element’s state of the art composite testing laboratories. Our chemists, engineers, and materials scientists are industry leaders who can evaluate any composite samples to meet your quality standards or regulatory requirements.

We offer composite testing support in material selection and qualification, materials testing, fatigue testing, manufacturing process development, failure analysis, repair technology and training, while providing advanced testing solutions designed to ensure that your complex, cutting-edge materials are fit for purpose.

Composite testing capabilities

We have capabilities in all required mechanical, non-destructive, chemical and physical testing to qualify your composites. We also provide environmental testing services to evaluate mechanical, thermal and chemical impact on composites.

Composite material selection and qualification

Our composite testing experts can help establish requirement documentation regarding materials properties, in support of the materials selection process. We perform all required composite testing and characterisation, and write the qualification report and material specifications and standards. Our clean-room facilities are used to manufacture test panels by wet lay-up, injection and autoclave curing.

Manufacturing process development

Our composite testing experience includes optimization of prepreg, wet lay-up, RTM, and resin infusion techniques to ensure product quality. We can also provide written process specifications and instructions.

Repair technology

We can provide composite repair on products when they are in production and in service. The repair procedure can include inspection and preparation, material selection, performance of the repair, and validation using non-destructive testing (NDT) as part of our overall composite testing service.

Working environment safety

We have the knowledge to identify health hazards during manufacturing and maintenance procedures, or at the site of an accident or fire. We are able to measure the type and amount of hazardous airborne dust and emission of chemicals, and can help you to prevent hazards by developing strategies for personal protection and by designing the workplace to minimize risk.


Ceramic Matrix Composite Testing

Working together with the world's most recognized Aerospace Primes from initial R&D efforts in Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs), we have developed repeatable, relevant testing protocols and industry-leading CMC testing capacity to ensure your CMC project will be delivered on time.


Polymer Matrix Composite Testing

As nonmetallic composites such as Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs) are increasingly commonplace as the Aerospace industry continues to pursue lighter and more fuel-efficient aircraft, Element helps you obtain the best possible design allowable values using proven and reliable testing methods and techniques.

Biulding Products Testing

Composite Building Materials Testing

Construction and building materials have greatly benefited from the newest wave of material innovation; new composite building materials are lighter, stronger and more versatile than ever.

Composite Testing

Standards We Test To

American Society for Testing & Materials

ASTM C190, ASTM C348, ASTM C482, ASTM C67, ASTM C1161, ASTM C1273, ASTM C1275 , ASTM C1291, ASTM C1292 , ASTM C1337 , ASTM C1341, ASTM C1358, ASTM C1359, ASTM C1360, ASTM C1361, ASTM C1366, ASTM C1425, ASTM C1468, ASTM D7291, ASTM D6415, ASTM D3410, ASTM D6641, ASTM D6484, ASTM D3039, ASTM D5766, ASTM D3518, ASTM D2344, ASTM D5379, ASTM D7078, ASTM D7136, ASTM D7137, ASTM D5528, ASTM D6671, ASTM D3479, ASTM E1640, ASTM D7028, ASTM E1545, ASTM E831, ASTM D3418, ASTM E1356, ASTM D7426

International Code Council


International Standards Organization

ISO 527

Suppliers of Advanced Composite Materials Association


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