Thermomechanical Fatigue (TMF) is a method used to simultaneously test materials under thermal and mechanical stress. Unlike traditional fatigue programs, thermomechanical fatigue testing uses varying loads and temperatures to predict how materials in high-temperature environments will deform over time, and at different strain levels. TMF is particularly useful for materials and equipment that will experience a range of thermal environments during use, such as turbine parts and engine components. 

Element’s therrmomechanical fatigue experts are highly trained, and have a wealth of experience in fatigue programs. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our TMF labs can provide information on creep and stress relaxation, thermal degradation, fatigue life determination, and more. By measuring the relationship between stress and strain in high-temperature situations, we can make accurate predictions about the useful life of components across a range of thermal environments. 

Element generally tests thermomechanical fatigue per ASTM E2368. However, our experts have years of experience performing a variety of custom projects, and we can assist in developing and testing protocols that meet your unique needs. For more information about our TMF capabilities, or to request a quote, contact an expert today. 


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