Our customers test foam to evaluate conformance to a specification, to compare multiple materials, or to determine the properties of foam. Element experts can evaluate foam alone, or as part of a complete product evaluation. Foam testing is often conducted in association with product flammability testing or product durability testing. Element provides independent testing services to the mattress and furniture industries.

ASTM D3574, "Standard Test Methods for Flexible Cellular Materials – Slab, Bonded, and Molded Urethane Foams," is the most commonly referenced test method for urethane foam, and the standard contains several individual test methods for determining various properties of flexible cellular materials. However, there are many test standards for foam and foam mattresses or other bedding items.


Services and Standards

Foam Testing Services
Density - Determines the weight (mass) of a specific volume of foam. Commonly reported at lbs/ft3.
Indentation Force Deflection - Evaluation of the firmness of the foam, and the support provided, at 25% compression, 65% compression, or others.
Compression Set - Evaluation of the thickness recovery of foam after exposure to time and temperature in a compressed state.
Tensile Strength - Measures the tensile breaking strength and elongation of foam specimens.
Tear Resistance - Determines propensity to continue a tear.
Resilience (Ball Rebound) Test - Measures the rebound height of a steel ball dropped onto the surface.
Durability and Fatigue Testing - Various fatigue tests are used to evaluate the thickness change.
Accelerated Aging - Various accelerated aging exposures are used to determine the change in material properties.

16 CFR Part 1632. 16 CFR Part 1633

ASTM C 272, ASTM D3574 (B1 & B2), ASTM F1566 (6, 7, & 9)

BFD IX-11 Open-flame mattress

CA TB116, CA TB117



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