Metallurgical gear evaluation investigates the case hardness, case depth and microstructural properties of carburized or nitrided parts. Our Engaged Experts identify material type, defects and case quality using a variety of techniques and equipment.

Element’s metallurgical testing laboratories use the required expertise and technology to test the traditional metals and advanced alloys used to create gears, splines and bearing surfaces. Metallurgical gear evaluation gives valuable insight into a part’s strength and expected performance. 

Gear metallography compares the case depth, microhardness and microstructural properties to previously accepted structures and standards. Parts are typically evaluated for levels of retained austenite, cementite, decarburization and alloy depletion. 

The Element advantage 

Based on their findings, our experienced metallurgists can provide industry-specific advice and guidance to help you understand the regulatory requirements for the part and its intended use. Metallurgical gear evaluation is a useful tool for both materials properties testing and failure analysis.

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ASTM International 


International Organization for Standardization 

ISO 2639

Other Specifications

GE C50TF50, PWA MCLM E-1110, PWA MCLM K-4, Rolls-Royce EPS 200, SAFRAN Hispano-Suiza BLUF080103


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