Element polymer and composite engineers work, research, and publish on the latest materials and techniques, and bring that knowledge to their clients in the form of customized test programs.

Our experts can pinpoint characteristics, help you select materials, test your samples to industry standards or your own quality system, and work with you to turn materials failures into better, stronger products.


Services and Standards

Nonmetal Testing Services
  • Composites Testing

  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

  • Rheological Analysis

  • Thermal Analysis (DSC, TGA, TMA)

  • Failure Analysis Nonmetals

  • Polymer Testing & Analysis

  • Foam Testing

  • Rubber and Elastomer Testing and Analysis

  • Paper Products Testing

  • Leather Testing

  • Vinyl and Rolled Goods Testing

  • Ozone Testing

  • Surface Properties Testing

  • Paints & Coatings  Analysis

  • Abrasion

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Cleanliness

  • Color/Gloss

  • Compression

  • Dimensional Inspection

  • Flammability Testing

  • Hardness Testing

  • HDT/Vicat

  • Impact Testing

  • Instrumented Impact

  • Odor Evaluation

  • Peel / Adhesion

  • Air / Water Permeability

  • Scratch Testing

  • Tensile Testing

  • Flexural Testing

ASTM International

ASTM C203, ASTM D256, ASTM D395, ASTM D412, ASTM D471, ASTM D522, ASTM D543, ASTM D570, ASTM D575, ASTM D618, ASTM D622, ASTM D624, ASTM D635, ASTM D638, ASTM D695, ASTM D785, ASTM D790, ASTM D792, ASTM D882, ASTM D1004, ASTM D1149, ASTM D1238, ASTM D1621, ASTM D1622, ASTM D1894, ASTM D2126, ASTM D2240, ASTM D2412, ASTM D2457, ASTM D2565, ASTM D3039, ASTM D3163, ASTM D3164/3164M, ASTM D3165, ASTM D3389, ASTM D5420, ASTM D5868, ASTM E96, ASTM E517, ASTM E646, ASTM E1209, ASTM E1210, ASTM E1219, ASTM E1220, ASTM E1351, ASTM E1418, ASTM E1952, ASTM G65

General Motors North America

GM9500P, GM9501P, GM9502P, GM9504P, GM9505P, GM9506P, GM9509P

International Organization for Standardization

ISO 9352

Military Specification

MIL-DTL-13444, MIL-DTL-13531

Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut

NEN-EN-ISO 7438, NEN-EN-ISO 8249, NEN-EN-ISO 8492, NEN-EN-ISO 8493, NEN-EN-ISO 8495

Rubber Manufacturers Association


SAE International

SAE J 400, SAE J1402

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