Acoustic testing to meet your needs

As the construction envirnonment increasingly works towards densely populated offices and mixed use complexes, the associated regulations have a creative impact on the way architects approach acoustics. As needs become increasingly diverse, the ability to tailor acoustic testing to customers’ precise requirements becomes an essential ingredient in project success.

Exova operates a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 1762 in the UK and a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 4559 in the Middle East, where we meet a range of accreditations including ASTM and BS EN ISO standards. We have the flexibility to work to your individual needs, conducting trials on your own materials or on samples that we can provide.

Sound transmission and absorption services

Knowing the acoustic absorption levels of architectural materials and the behaviour of sound reverberation prior to build can be vital. Our sound absorption tests can be conducted in our reverberation chambers, assessing the performance of absorption materials such as acoustic panels and baffles in noise control.

We also conduct acoustic testing on insulation material such as glasswool and rockwool and on the following products:

  • Doorsets
  • Door seals
  • Glazing systems
  • Penetration and linear joint seals
  • Single leaf partition systems
  • Windows

Site-based acoustic testing

In addition to laboratory acoustic testing, we can conduct analysis on-site for the measurement of sound insulation of separating walls and floors between rooms and of façade elements. Our services apply to a broad range of customers, including window and door manufacturers, plasterboard and partition wall suppliers, and concrete block providers.

Acoustic camera

This special service allows for the visual representation of the level of sound approaching the camera from different directions. The operation is based on signals coming from 256 individual microphones mounted on a 1.05m dish. The sound from different directions will reach each microphone on the dish at different times. By analysing the delays and comparing them with the sound from different directions, it is possible to indicate the level of sound from any given direction in question. The microphone dish also has a wide angle optical camera for recording live video images. The visual representation of sound levels can be superimposed on the optical picture. Measurements can be taken from 0.5m to infinity, although resolution reduces as distance increases. The high number of microphones also allows for low level noise sources to be measured.

Building acoustic testing

Exova offers accredited sound insulation testing, including airborne insulation tests and impact sound insulation testing of floors. This includes pre-completion testing in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-4:1998 and BS EN ISO 717-1:1997, and post completion sound insulation testing for Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004, using the guidance given in Technical Handbooks Section 5, Noise for Domestic Buildings.