Coatings and adhesives testing ensures product quality is maintained throughout the lifecycle of a product and regulatory compliance requirements are met.

Coatings and adhesives have a direct impact on product performance. When used or poorly applied, they can result in serious operational issues and economic losses. Conducting comprehensive coating testing and analysis programs is of utmost importance to determine the root causes of a failure event. This is particularly beneficial in the manufacturing of finished parts, in quality control, and in forensic investigations.

Exova has extensive expertise in the formulation, de-formulation and testing of coatings, adhesives, and tapes. Working in a laboratory that is fully equipped with the analytical tools required to test and characterize such products, our highly qualified scientists are adept at performing physical and mechanical tests, enabling you to enhance the knowledge you have of your product.

These include:

  • Peel adhesion (ambient, sub-ambient, and elevated temperatures)
  • Weather propertiesHeat aging properties
  • Tensile and tear resistance
  • Degree of cure
  • Identification and de-formulation

Exova is often called upon to formulate a coating or adhesive, to select a commercial product to meet specific requirements or to develop application technology. Our capabilities and expertise in both polymer-based materials and pharmaceuticals ideally position us to undertake projects related to drug-eluting and controlled release devices. Exova is also approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) for testing of construction sealants and sheathing tapes.

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