Exova’s medical device and product development services enable products to reach the market faster, with safety and quality built in.

Product development is a core process in any manufacturing activity. It ensures the final product meets the desired design and product specifications; it helps with design, materials selection, evaluation of different fabrication approaches, and development of a manufacturing process.

As a leader in contract research, product development and testing, Exova has been providing a comprehensive suite of technical services to manufacturers, converters, and users of polymer-based products for years.

Exova supports all phases of your product development: from initial concept development, through prototyping, optimization and small scale production. We can design your product, design and fabricate molds, and develop equipment required to manufacture your products. If desired, any equipment we design, assemble, automate, troubleshoot and optimize can be transferred to your facility at the end of the project.

With a clear understanding of the medical device market, the regulations and challenges, our experts support customers to introduce new patented products and processes to the market, with a particular focus on quality and safety. Your intellectual property will be secure, and any test methods or technology we develop will remain within your ownership.