FCC Issues Enforcement Advisory for All FCC Authorized Equipment

In May 2016, the FCC (US Federal Communications Commission) issued an Enforcement Advisory for any person or business manufacturing, selling, marketing or importing electronic devices that transmit via radio signal.

United States Congress requires the FCC to establish rules that govern these wireless (radio) devices and limit their potential to cause harmful interference with other devices. Before any transmitter is used, manufactured, or sold it must have an equipment authorization showing the device is in compliance with FCC technical standards. The standards are designed specifically to minimize harmful interference and ensure compliance with other operational requirements.

What FCC Authorization Includes  

FCC authorization communicates that authorized equipment meets FCC standards for radio frequency interference.

What FCC Authorization is NOT

FCC authorization is NOT authorization to use devices in any manner. Using these devices in any way that is inconsistent with the terms of its authorization could be cause for penalty.

A few examples of authorized equipment being used unlawfully
  • Intentional use of Wi-Fi equipment to disrupt other WiFi networks
  • Use of authorized transmitters to operate pirate radio stations
  • Use of authorized Wi-Fi routers on unauthorized channels or power levels
What you need to know now

If you use electronic equipment in a way that is not authorized by the Communications Act or the FCC’s rules, you could face FCC enforcement, including costly penalties.

What to do if you suspect someone is using equipment unlawfully

File a complaint with the FCC. Visit FCC.gov complaints for more information.

Have questions about the new FCC Enforcement Advisory? Contact Element for more information.

Read the full FCC Advisory here. 

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