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Optimization of duplex stainless steel hot working for the production of low thickness laminates by means of work hardening 

DUPLEXFIN is a national project financed by European FEDER funds, which aims to implement chemical composition and process modifications in order to obtain low thickness duplex products, working under standard manufacturing practices and using just one work hardening step. 

Main goals of DUPLEXFIN project

Duplex stainless steels are studied and analysed to evaluate and select optimal composition and process variables related to duplex stainless steels. These new compositions are manufactured to study and assess critical properties according to duplex steel definition. Thermo-mechanic testing and numerical modelling of stresses generated are also considered to analyse their microstructures. Final lamination process is validated, for which best ductility and lamination loads are achieved. Thus, desired thicknesses and optimized use of material and resources are accomplished.

Element Seville role in DUPLEXFIN project

Element Seville participates in the analysis of working loads and ductility assessment, in order to select an optimal chemical composition range to reduce lamination loads and edge cracking risk, numerical simulation of the temperature loss according to thickness reduction profile in collaboration with AICIA, preparation and execution of forge process and the study of cracking and altered microstructure by means of experimental techniques and toughness analysis of different chemical composition microstructures is performed. The project covers the period between October of 2016 and December of 2018, with a total budget of 1.673.408 €.

Programme: FEDER-Innterconecta


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