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Study of low cost and high production composite technologies 

ESTENEA is a national project funded by MINECO and it is based on the development of new materials (low cost and high production), innovative solutions for manufacture and advanced solutions for unions and stuck repairs.

Main goals of ESTENEA project

Regarding to new low cost and high production materials development, ESTENEA research is focused on pre-peg (new formulas) and liquid via processes (new resins for RTM and LRI, and NCF composites), as well as innovative recycling processes (lyfe-cycle assessment). This project also pays attention to the development of technologies that make easier the new processes (auxiliary materials, sealant curing, versatile tools manufactured by Additive Manufacturing), automated processes for pre-peg manufacturing and innovative structural concepts, and the development of advanced solutions for joints and adhesive repairs. Related to this, innovative methods of virtual characterization are applied to the study of repair behavior in composites, advanced surface treatment technologies are developed and robust automatized technologies for composite joints and in service repairs are generated. 

Element Seville role in ESTENEA project

Testing has a special importance within Element Seville participation in ESTENEA. Determination of the pore content of carbon fibre laminates using different methods and manufacturing & testing campaigns of patched coupons incorporating SHM technology is carried out in order to assess the mechanical performance of patching solution, the influence of embedded instrumentation on the mechanical properties as well as the monitoring performance of SHM sensors. Both experimental and theoretical study of interlaminar fracture toughness are carried out. Moreover, testing of hybrid composite-metal coupons with mixed adhesive and rivet unions is carried out by Element Seville. Furthermore, in collaboration with AICIA, numerical simulation in order to achieve repair patch behaviour is addressed. Attainment of these issues starts at the beginning of 2016 and finishes by the end of 2017.

Programme: CIEN

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