A breath alcohol ignition interlock device (sometimes called a BAIID, BIID, IID, alcohol interlock device or Adult Safety Interlock) is a mechanism similar to a breathalyzer installed in a vehicle's dashboard to prohibit drunk driving.

Element helps breath alcohol ignition interlock device manufacturers meet standards for their products to comply with Federal Register/ Vol. 57 No. 67/ Tuesday, April 7, 1992 Notices NHTSA Docket No. 91-07, Notice 2, and Cenelec EN 50436-1 and -2. Element St. Paul is a nationally recognized, independent testing laboratory with 15 years of experience testing alcohol detection devices.


Testing Criteria and Standards

Performance Features or Characteristics Tested
  • Unstressed Accuracy 
  • Sample Free Re-Start 
  • Breath Sampling 
  • Data Recording 
  • Calibration Stability     
  • Unstressed Utility 
  • Lockout Evaluation 
  • Clearance Rate 
  • Power, High and Low Voltage 
  • Warm-up Test
  • Temperature Extremes 
  • Display Tests 
  • Vibration 
  • Altitude-2.5km 
  • Cellular RFI Test 
  • Tampering/Power Loss 
  • Non-Human sample 
  • Filtered sample 
  • Rolling re-test 
  • Other alcohol detection products
  • AS 3547
  • CSTT-HVC-TR-114
  • EN 50436-1
  • EN 50436-2

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