Regulatory compliance is the process that enables product to gain market access in their prospective region. Typically testing is the cornerstone of regulatory compliance and underpins the whole process – as the common saying goes ‘the proof is in the proving’.

Testing is at the very heart of various National, Continental and International regulatory requirements and ensures that the fundamental designs of products are sufficient to demonstrate compliance to the objective.

Certification Schemes build on this and typically have a requirement for on-going compliance, although many regulatory requirements now also include this aspect.
Testing is always the preferred form of evidence in compliance programs since it is tangible and beyond technical interpretation (unlike technical justifications, similarities etc.)

Element offers a wide range of product regulatory compliance testing and is split by discipline. These are described in our various pages navigated by the links below.

CE Marking Services

CE Marking is a European Regulatory concept that enables a manufacturer to perform a single suit of assessments that ensure free movement of goods within the internal market (i.e. the EU and EEA) without the burden of additional technical or administrative requirements in each Member State.

North America Services - Safety/EMC/Wireless

Unlike Europe, there is no single regulatory mark or system that is applied to products sold or used on the North America market. The legislation is similar between USA and Canada but different and therefore manufacturers should be mindful that there may be technical differences between them.

Safety Testing

Element helps electrical device manufacturers, importers and distributors to achieve compliance against global safety standards for 167 countries.

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