Element laboratories support aviation, missile, satellite, and space industries with materials testing and environmental simulation services. 

Our experts have provided test programs for United States Department of Defense, NASA, the armed forces, and major aerospace clients.

Supporting national and private space exploration programs

Element facilities and resources for space simulation testing include:

  • Vacuum outgassing/degassing.
  • Contamination free turbo-molecular pump and cryogenic pump technology.
  • Class 100 cleanroom.
  • Vacuum test facilities include bell jar to an 8 foot diameter space vacuum simulator.
  • Orbital (Cycling) and/or thermal vacuum bakeout simulation.
  • Test units ranging from "clean sensitive" small components such as solar cells to large flight articles such as solar panels, optics and reflectors.
  • ESD protection, pressure and independent thermal alarms, redundant LN2 solenoid valves, pressure instrumentation and fail-safe pump valves.
  • Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA), Temperature Controlled Quartz Crystal Microbalance(TQCM) and Cold Finger/Plates.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring by experienced, professional staff.
  • Lockdown and blackout capabilities for classified testing.
  • Specialists in rapid GEO/LEO thermal cycling.
  • 240 Vac 3 phase
  • 440 Vac 3 phase
  • Bell Jar to 8-foot diameter vacuum chamber
  • Class 100 Cleanroom capable
  • RGA, Cold Finger, TQCM
  • Solar Panel Testing
  • Specialists in GEO/LEO Cycling

Element's vacuum test facilities include a 4' Dia. X 4' deep system with cylindrical shroud plus 3' X 3' LN2 platten, and an 18" Dia. X 24" tall bell jar system.

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