The increasing need for lightweight design combined with improved functionality, quality and economic build continues to drive the need for comprehensive testing within key structural systems and components in the Aerospace sector.

The complex stresses that occur during the operation of technical structures must be examined under static and dynamic operational loads to assess the impact of fatigue and also to determine accurate in-service life predictions. Element has multiple hydraulic cylinders and high capacity measuring systems that can handle more than 250 channels.

Multiaxial Structures Testing

Testing the behavior of components and structures under multiaxial, dynamic loads is one of our key testing specialties. Rigging appropriate hardware combinations and control devices is essential to ensure the system runs smoothly. Our team of Engaged Experts have extensive experience running numerous test programmes and are able to apply knowledge on the behavior of adjacent components and their resistance.

Acoustic Camera and Optical 3D Measurement

Identifying extremely small defects (e.g. within carbon-fibre reinforced materials) after structural testing can be challenging and time consuming. Here at Element, we have acoustic cameras allowing us to locate the origin of an acoustic incident (e.g. fibre fracture, delaminations etc.) quickly and precisely. This makes it possible to detect damages by means of NDT. In addition, we also have state of the art optical measurement systems in place that are capable of detecting even the smallest of deformations and displacements during testing. This contact-free technology is also used for strain gauge application, providing further insight into the loaded specimen.

Nondestructive Testing

Detecting failures within or on the surface of a specimen before or after testing is typically been done by non-destructive testing methods. Our services include conventional and phased array technology with ultrasonic probes for various standard frequencies, professional evaluation through A- and C-spectra, dye penetrate inspection and eddy current inspection. 

Hydraulic Testing

We are experienced in performing specialist pressure tests on pipe systems (e.g. bleed air ducts and fuel pipes) to demonstrate the structural resistance of a specific material. Cutting edge test stands and highly customized, modular autoclaves are used to apply variable hydraulic pressure loads for endurance tests, and if required under special pressure and temperature conditions. Furthermore, mechanical forces can be applied from outside of the system to evaluate operational condition like slight displacements.

Notching and Impact Testing

It is crucial to analyze a component´s resilience against impacts to define a criteria for damage tolerance in the Aerospace sector. Our Engaged Experts can apply several methods (e.g. notching rig, impact droptower or an airbus approved mobile gas gun) to create reproducible and very precise impacts and notches (from 0 up to 125J). We also provide analysis results of compression levels after impacts and specimen deformation *(from 0 up to 125J) BVID (Barely Visible Impact Damages).

Supportive Engineering Services

Our portfolio includes customized engineering, design and production services to ensure proper connection to the testing facilities (e.g. adaptators, fixtures and support frames). This also includes reliable and on-time manufacturing of these support parts, thanks to a very strong local supply chain. Additionally our experts´ engineering expertise provides stimulated results of static, dynamic and thermal behavior in addition to specific stress analysis. 

  • loading testing
  • Dynamic loading testing
  • Functional testing
  • Component calibration
  • Impact testing
  • Climatic pre-conditioning
  • Hydraulic testing
  • Element & Component Testing
  • Instrumentation
  • Deformation measurement
  • Acoustic defect detection
  • Consulting
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Loadframes
  • Special Autoclave
  • Furnaces
  • Climate chambers
  • Impact droptower
  • Mobile gas gun
Loads and Stresses
  • Uniaxial and multiaxial
  • Single and multistage programs
  • Operational load simulation tests
  • Combination of collective loading
Key Specs 
  • Loads up to 1MN can be applied
  • Various base plates up to 10 x 5m
  • Frequencies up to 200 Hz can be applied
  • Temperature range from -70°C up to 415°C
  • Data acquisition system of more than 256 channels
  • 2 control systems with up to 32 channels
  • Maximum pressure units: 100 bar (fluids), 76 bar (gases)

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