Advances in the automotive industry have led to a focus on hydraulic cleanliness by restricting the level of contamination on components in the fluid systems of vehicles.

The presence of particulate contamination is acknowledged to be a major determining factor in the life and reliability of that system. Element Wixom boasts a state-of-the-art cleanliness cabinet and advanced microscopic technology to test components with particle count requirements to standards such as ISO 16232 and VDA 19. As hydraulic cleanliness standards change, Element stays at the forefront by continuously updating our testing standards and technology to meet the demand in the market.

Element Wixom’s advanced cleanliness cabinet subjects the samples to a spray in multiple directions at specified pressure, creating a customized cleaning process for your components. This advanced cleaning methodology ensures particulate is removed from the sample and included in the analysis providing you with the most accurate report.

Our automated microscope analyzes particulates for the following features:

  • • Particle count and particle-size distribution
  • • Largest and second largest metallic particle size and image
  • • Largest and second largest nonmetallic particle size and image
  • • Overview of the filter
  • • Largest fiber size and image
Sample Report

Cleanliness: ISO 16232

Download a sample Cleanliness Analysis according to ISO 16232.


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