Element is a world leader in automotive trim testing services and bespoke component testing services.

Offering an unparalleled service, from our global Centre of Excellence for automotive trim testing services located in Wednesbury in the UK, we are experts in the fields of mechanical testing, environmental testing, windscreen testing and vibration testing. Working with world-class brands, including Jaguar, Ford, Nissan, Bugatti, McLaren, BMW and Aston Martin, Element’s automotive trim experts help to ensure the quality of some of the world’s automotive icons.

Automotive trim testing services for materials, components, coatings and assemblies

Our extensive automotive trim testing services range from simple material testing and single component testing, through to full validation of “body in white” assemblies.

Our full service range includes:

  • Physical properties of materials
  • Performance testing of finishes and coatings
  • Flammability testing
  • Finishes and coatings
  • Internal and external trim
  • Environmental testing of assemblies and components
  • Vibration and in-use simulation
  • Performance of automotive tank tests according to ECE R34

We also offer automotive trim testing services for fire tests and dripping ECE-R118 tests for internal car parts (Annex 6,7 and 8), as well as Annex 9 (to determine the ability of materials to repel fuel or lubricant).