Element is a specialist provider of vehicle vibration testing services to the global automotive and transportation sector. We provide our customers with a wide range of testing services covering everything from simple component testing, to full vehicle durability testing and field level road load data acquisition (RLDA) related testing services.

Our extensive vehicle vibration testing capabilities are used to test a variety of ground transportation vehicles, including passenger cars, medium and heavy trucks, transport trailers, military vehicles, school buses, commuter coaches and transit buses.

Our facilities include a semi-anechoic chamber, quiet rooms, acquisition, analysis and a full complement of laboratory NVH tools for laboratory and on the road support. We deliver common vibration testing and analysis services, which includes sinusoidal vibration, resonance search and dwell, random vibration, combined vibration with temperature and humidity pressure; classical shock and multi axis simulation (MAST).  

We also have sound quality and NVH experts that provide a wide range of experimental capabilities to assist customers in developing products and solving problems to minimise noise and vibration as well as squeak and rattle.

All of our vehicle vibration testing services are always performed in highly secure environments to ensure that customer confidentiality is assured at all times.

Our vehicle vibration testing service range includes:

Noise testing capabilities

  • NVH/Squeak and rattle problem solving
  • Squeak and rattle specification testing
  • Experimental modal analysis, point mobility, acoustic sensitivity
  • Static bending and torsion
  • Sound quality / intensity analysis
  • Drive by noise evaluation
  • Transfer path analysis
  • Signature analysis / acoustic sensitivity

Facilities and equipment

  • Drive-in hemi-anechoic chamber
  • Quiet rooms
  • Head acoustics binaural head and analysis (artemis)
  • MB black 3-axis ED shaker
  • LMS software and mobile SCADAS system
  • PROSIG data acquisition and analysis systems
  • Environmental 4-post simulator with sound treatment for BSR evaluations
  • Anechoic/quiet MAST system

Typical test applications

  • NVH fingerprint benchmarking
  • Problem solving
  • Target setting