Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a useful tool for analyzing the strength of a product without physical testing. It can be used to simulate how and where structures bend or twist, and to show the distribution of stresses and displacements, thus giving insight as to how a product will perform in service.

Element offers advanced finite element analysis service to support product development, simulation of service loading conditions, design optimisation, fatigue & failure analysis and product life time estimation.

Element’s engaged experts have expertise in analysis of metallic and non-metallic materials and specialise in the modelling of polymeric materials, especially elastomers.

FEA service is based on the industry standard software ABAQUS and MARC.

Element experts are qualified and equipped to perform Finite Element Analysis on your assembly or component. Analysis services provided are fully complemented by a wide range of testing services to generate the requisite data and material models for input into FE models as well as physical testing to validate the analysis predictions.

FEA Services Include:

  • Static Stress Analysis
  • Design Optimisation
  • Non-Linear Stress Analysis Including Large Deformation and Contact
  • Time Dependent Analysis for Long-term Response (Creep, Stress Relaxation)
  • Crack Growth Modelling (J-Integral, Cohesive Zone, Virtual Crack Closure Technique)
  • Fatigue Life and Durability Analysis
  • Damage Tolerance and Effect of Defect of Composite
  • Dynamic Analysis Including Frequency and Vibration
  • Impact Analysis and High Rate Deformation
  • Engineering Critical Assessment of Structures
  • Thermal/Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Fully Coupled and Uncoupled Thermal-stress Analysis
  • Fluid Diffusion/Permeation into Polymers

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