Element has the experts to help you manage and resolve any material or product failure problems that you have. 

Element’s highly experienced team scientists, engineers and technicians possess hundreds of ‘man years’ in carrying out detailed failure analyses that have occurred as a result of; material defects, fracture, errant heat treatments, overloading, fatigue, corrosion, embrittlement and environmental damage. 

Our Engaged Experts will work with you to determine the root cause of the failure and provide you with detailed insights and recommendations to prevent the failure from occurring again, regardless of its original cause.

Our forensic investigation, engineering and failure analysis expertise covers a wide range of materials and uses an extensive range of proven techniques and applications. Our materials expertise covers wrought, cast and powder metals, cast irons, steels, aluminum, nickel, titanium, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, carbon steel, polymers, rubbers, elastomers and composites.

It is the combination of our expertise in materials selection and application, manufacturing processes, fracture mechanics and the impact the actual service environment can have on a material or product that enables Element to rapidly deliver comprehensive answers to services’ failures and resolutions to future manufacturing challenges.


Investigative Chemistry Services

A material's composition affects everything about it—how long it lasts, how strong or flexible it is, how it’s packaged, etc. Investigative Chemistry is based on the idea that materials questions can be answered by examining the processes, components and chemical reactions involved.


Fractography Services

Materials fail for different reasons, but they fracture by four principal modes: fatigue, cleavage, dimple rupture, and decohesive rupture. Each of these modes has its own characteristic fracture appearance.


Residue Analysis Services

Mysterious stains or discolorations, unidentified residues or deposits, or evidence of corrosion on the surface of a part—these are often difficult and costly problems to solve. Element team of Engaged Experts are trained in techniques that can help you determine the nature of the beast and get to the bottom of unknown substances that can have a detrimental effect on your parts or products.


Expert Witness Services

Legal and insurance firms need expert witnesses to provide testimony with a high level of service, precision and expertise. Through our team of Engaged Experts, Element offers materials science and engineering litigation services to a wide range of industries, including aerospace, product manufacturing, biomedical and medical devices, automotive, oil & gas, construction, and more.