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Failure Analysis: A Guide to the Process and Importance of Failure Analysis Testing to Ensure the Longevity of Your Product

Todd Menna

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Dr. Todd Menna

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Dr. Todd Menna is a highly experienced Materials Failure Analyst who focuses on polymeric, rubber, metallic, ceramic, and composite materials and devices.

“If you don't know how it broke, you don't know how to fix it . . . ”


A guide to understanding how engineering failure analysis is used to prevent failures and improve your product’s design, materials, fabrication techniques, and inspection methods

Failures in a product can be catastrophic and result in costly financial implications, which is why failure analysis is a critical aspect of product development and system improvement. Engineering failure analysis is a multi-faceted approach to determining how or why a product failed. Through systematic examination and data collection, the failure's root cause is identified, and data is provided to help prevent future failures.  

To learn more about the investigation stages of failure analysis, complete the form and download our free guide below.  

The free guide outlines the process used in conducting failure analysis, detailing:

  • A failure analysis sequence
  • The equation for successful failure analysis

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