As train travel becomes faster, lighter and more advanced, rail testing is critical to ensuring the safety of products, as well as developing new, high-tech materials. Element’s dedicated rail laboratory provides testing services for material selection and behavior, research and development, failure analysis and mechanical strength.

Our rail testing laboratories are equipped with industry-leading technology, including customizable train simulation programs, high-capacity weld strength testing, abrasion and corrosion evaluation, and metallurgical inspection. With decades of experience and deep knowledge of the field, our Engaged Experts provide guidance and results you can trust while helping you complete your project on time.

Whether you need routine materials testing or complex product simulation, we continue to be a trusted partner for rail testing in North America and beyond. 

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Bending Stress and Flexural Strength Rail Testing 640 x 480
rail testing services

Bending Stress and Flexural Strength Testing

Element's bend and flexural strength programs evaluate the fitness of rail components per AREMA Chapter 30 requirements.

Custom Rail Simulation 640 x 480
rail testing services

Custom Rail Simulation

Replicating real-world environmental and mechanical stress, our AREMA Chapter 30 Test 6 rail simulator predicts how products will react in the field.

Particle Analysis of Railroad Parts 640 x 480
rail testing services

Particle Analysis

From wear patterns to erosion damage, we test the microscopic properties that can have a major impact on product performance. 

Rail EMC Testing 640 x 480
rail testing services

Rail Equipment EMC

Using EN 50121 standards, our rail equipment EMC testing ensures the reliability, safety and operability of electronic products and systems.

Railroad Failure Analysis 640 x 480
rail testing services

Rail Failure Analysis

Our rail failure analysis services help you understand and prevent future issues by determining the types and causes of product and material failures.

Railroad Fatigue Testing 640 x 480
rail testing services

Rail Fatigue and Compression Testing

Rolling weight and vertical compression can take a toll on rail products. Our testing services evaluate the fitness of materials and components, ensuring safe and efficient use for years to come.

Rail Testing Services 640 x 480
rail testing services

Rail Seat Abrasion

A constant threat to train travel, rail seat abrasion can have devastating consequences for both products and passengers. We help mitigate that risk through material selection, mechanical testing and failure analysis.

Railroad Ties and Fastener Testing 640 x 480
rail testing services

Rail Ties and Fasteners Testing

We ensure the function and safety of critical fastening systems by evaluating restraint, load and fatigue characteristics.

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