Can your products, parts, or assemblies sustain the shaking they receive in transit or in daily use? Vibration testing enables you to evaluate product performance under virtually identical conditions. 

Element has extensive vibration testing capability including multi-shaker facilities that are comprised of both electrodynamic and servo-hydraulic systems that can reproduce low and high frequency conditions.  

Our systems include shakers specializing in large and challenging testing and suited for the vibration testing of large or small products. Our support equipment allows for testing of products while they are operating including hydraulically and/or electrically. 

With our state of the art control systems, we can perform field data replication as well as impart specified test levels to meet your customer’s requirements and assure that the test unit is up to the task. 

Electro-dynamic vibration testing systems
  • Slip plates allowing for 3-axis independent testing 
  • High displacement, up to 40,000 force pounds of thrust 
  • Multiple response channels 
  • “Shake and Bake” – combined temperature and vibration testing 
Hydraulic and mechanical vibration testing systems 
  • Ideal for low frequency, high displacement testing such as transportation vibration on fully loaded pallets 
  • All ISTA requirements for shock and vibration including: Vertical-linear, random with and without top loads, fixed-displacement  
  • Seismic Qualification 
  • Office Vibration on Rack mount Telecom equipment. (GR-487 and 63-CORE) 
Meeting challenging requirements 
Element’s vibration test labs in the US and Europe help companies meet the latest defense, aerospace, transportation and commercial requirements, including: 
  • Combined temperature and vibration (“Shake and bake”) 
  • Narrow Band Random on Random 
  • Swept Sine Superimposed on Random 
  • Gunfire Simulation 
  • Helicopter Rotor Frequency Simulation 
  • Random 
  • Resonance Search & Dwell 
  • SRS 
  • Sine-on-Random 
  • Blade-off vibration (engine fan blade loss and windmilling) 
  • Landing Gear Tire Burst 
  • Shock 
  • Tracked Vehicle Simulation

Vibration Testing Specifications

ASTM International 

ASTM C192 / C192M, ASTM D395, ASTM D4169, ASTM E587, ASTM D999, ASTM D4728, ASTM D4169 

BellCore Telcordia 

BellCore GR-63-CORE 5.4.2, 5.4.3 

British Standards Institute 

BS EN 60068-2 Series (-6, 50, 51, 53, 64), BS EN61373, BS EN 50155 

California OSHPD Code Application Notice (US) 

CAN 2-1708A.5 

Defence Standard (UK) 

DEF STAN 00-35, DEF STAN 08-123 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEEE 344, IEEE 693, ASCE 7-10, AC 156, GR-63-CORE

International Code Council

ICC AC-156 

International Electromechanical Commission

IEC 68-2-59, Test Fe,  IEC 68-2-34, Test Fd,  IEC 68-2-35, Test Fda, IEC 68-2-6, Test Fc, IEC 60945, Section 8.7, IEC 60079-29 (-1, 4) 

International Organization for Standardization 

ISO 1940-1, ISO 10816-1/6 

International Safe Transit Association 


Japanese Industrial Standards 

JIS D 1601 

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association 

JESD22 B103B 

General Motors Worldwide

GMW 3172 

Military Standard (US)

MIL-STD- 167, MIL-STD-202 E/F/G (Method 201), MIL-STD-202 E/F/G (Method 204), MIL-STD-202 E/F/G (Method 214), MIL-E 5272, MIL-STD-810 E/F/G (Methods 514, 519), MIL-STD 883 G/H (Method 2005), MIL-STD 883 G/H (Method 2007), MIL-STD 1344 A Method 2005) 

Netherlands Standardization Institute 

NEN-ISO 10326 

Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics

RTCA DO-160 E/F/G, RTCA DO-227 6/23/1995 Sec. 2.3.1 

SAE International 

SAE J1211, SAE J1455, SAE J1810 

United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods 

UN ST/SG/AC.10/11/Rev.5 Para. 

Verein Deutscher Ingenieure 

VDI 2057-1,2, VDI 2059-1,3,4,5

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