Vibration testing mimics the conditions that a product or structure might see during its lifetime while under a test environment. Used to ensure that products are robust and perform safely during operation or transit, vibration testing detects performance issues and potential failures before they start.

With experts in critical industries across the globe, we are a single-source provider of programs with even the most complicated requirements. Our laboratories can perform testing during electrical and hydraulic operation, as well as environmental simulation for more accurate results. 

Element has extensive experience in vibration testing services and our vibration laboratories feature electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic systems that can replicate low and high frequency conditions. Utilizing state of the art control systems, we can perform field data replication as well as impart specified test levels to meet your requirements and ensure that the test specimen is up to the task. 

Meeting Challenging Vibration Testing Requirements 

Element’s vibration testing services across the US and Europe help companies meet the latest defense, aerospace, transportation and commercial requirements, including:

  • Random
  • Sinusoidal
  • Resonance Search & Dwell
  • Narrow Band Random on Random
  • Sine-on Random
  • Combined Temperature and Vibration
  • Helicopter Rotor Frequency Simulation
  • Gunfire Simulation
  • SRS
  • Blade-off vibration (engine fan blade loss and windmilling) 

Our Vibration Testing Services

vibration testing

Vibration Testing Capabilities

Element's vibration testing services cover major standards across the world's most critical industries, including RTCA DO-160 for aerospace products; GM, Toyota and SAE specifications for automotive and transportation equipment; IEC and IEEE programs for electronic products; and a wide range of ASTM, ISO and BS standards for any product type.

With global laboratories working together to bring you the best in world-class testing, we can support even the most complex projects and custom test profiles. Read on to learn about our diverse vibration testing capabilities, including shock testing, seismic simulation, shock and bounce testing, and comprehensive environmental programs.

vibration testing

Shock and Bounce Testing

Element's shock and bounce testing services provide the data you need to simulate transportation conditions, ensure product safety and equipment function in extreme environments, and replicate in-service conditions.

Key Facts

Speed Range

Up to 5000 Hz


Shock force up to 210 G


Up to 15,000 lbs force

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vibration testing

Seismic Simulation

Seismic simulation ensures that critical equipment can operate accurately and safely during and after a seismic event. Our testing services assess performance of non-structural systems after large events such as earthquakes, or routine vibration conditions such as nearby railroads, airports, or power plants.

Key Facts

Test Chamber Dimensions

48" x 48" chambers

Speed Range

Up to 40 in/sec velocity


500 Hz


10.5" displacement

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vibration testing

Combined Environmental Simulation

By combining the effects of extreme temperature conditions and vibration patterns simultaneously, we can test for real-world conditions faster and more accurately. Our wide range of electro-dynamic and hydraulic vibration equipment can be paired with thermal, humidity and pressure chambers to replicate in-service conditions.

Key Facts


-150C to 800C

Test Chamber Pressure

Up to 250 bar


Up to 95% RH

Test Chamber Dimensions

Up to 84" x 84" x 84"

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Standards We Test To Standards We Test To
  • ASTM International
  • BellCore Telecordia
  • British Standards Institute (BS)
  • California OSHPD Code Application Notice
  • Defence Standard (UK)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEC)
  • International Code Council (ICC)
  • International Electromechanical Commission (IEC)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • International Safe Transportation Association (ISTA)
  • Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)
  • General Motors Worldwide (GMW)
  • Military Standards (US)
  • Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA)
  • SAE International
  • United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods
  • Verein Deutscher Ingenieure
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vibration testing

Vibration Test Fixturing

When developing a vibration testing program, one of the most critical design considerations is choosing a fixture. Learn more about fixtures types, how to choose the best option, and why the right fixture helps you get the most out of your testing.

During vibration testing, a fixture is used to mount the specimen to the test equipment. While many different types of fixtures exist, there are several main types of basic fixtures available.

Basic Fixtures

Element's laboratories keep a set of standard fixtures that work for a wide range of product and equipment types. Some of these include:

  • Interface plates
  • Tie bars
  • Bookends

Basic fixtures can be quickly and easily installed, making them a popular choice for most test programs. In most of our facilities, internal machining services can be used to make basic modifications that keep tight programs on schedule.

Custom Fixtures

When special fixtures are needed due to complex load points, mechanical loads or complex specimen design, our testing engineers and machinists work together to create custom test fixtures tailored to your product.

These fixtures ensure that you get the most accurate results from testing by allowing for specimen orientation, thickness and stiffness, and anticipated test levels during design.

Questions about how test fixtures work? Contact us today and talk to an expert.

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