Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services are offered by Element to analyse the strength of complex structures and systems to provide an accurate prediction of how a material, component or structure is likely to respond when subjected to structural and/or thermal loads. FEA services are offered to support product development, simulation of service loading conditions, design optimization, life prediction and failure analysis.

We use the recognized industry standard Abaqus, ADAMS, Ansys, Caesar II, CFDesign, Code R6, FEMAP, FE-SAFE, Hypermesh, LS DYNA, MARC, Nastran OrcaFlex, and SolidWorks software to perform FEA simulations.

Element's Finite Element Analysis (FEA) service range includes:
  • Static Stress Analysis
  • Design Optimization
  • Non-Linear Analysis
  • Large Deformation and Contact
  • Time Dependent Analysis (Creep, Stress Relaxation)
  • Crack Growth Modelling (J-Integral, Cohesive Zone, Virtual Crack Closure Technique)
  • Fatigue Life and Durability Analysis
  • Damage Tolerance of Composite
  • Dynamic Analysis Including Frequency and Vibration
  • Impact and High Rate Deformation
  • Engineering Critical Assessment of Structures
  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Thermal-stress Analysis
  • Fluid Diffusion/Permeation into Polymers
  • Structural Optimisation
  • Finite Element Modelling and Analysis
  • Static and Dynamic shock, vibration and structural analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Multi Body Dynamic Simulation
  • Life Estimation
  • Seismic
  • Blast
  • Pipeline Stress analysis and safety assessments
  • Forensic engineering

    These services are further complemented by a wide range of material testing and product qualification testing capabilities used to generate material property data for input into FEA models and also to develop test rigs at the component and structure level to generate data for the validation of FEA predictions. 

    Linking Simulation and Physical Testing 

    Element has one of the largest and most proficient testing, validation and certification test facilities. We have the expertise to capture live data offsite or at our testing facilities and use this in the analysis and testing work we conduct.  

    Our Engaged Experts are regularly solving product failure issues through the investigation of CAD data and conducting detailed analysis. The analysis team can work closely with our physical testing department to suggest solutions to client test failures, and the validation of simulation with physical testing. 

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