Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer simulation based on the finite element method. It can be used alongside traditional testing to analyze the strength of complex structures and systems, determine component behavior, and accurately predict how products will react under structural and thermal loads. 

Element’s finite element analysis services support product development, simulation of service loading conditions, design optimization, life prediction, fitness for service, and failure analysis. By using sophisticated modeling software to predict product behavior, we help you save the time and material required for traditional testing, and increase your confidence in test compliance.

Element’s FEA services 

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is the most widely used method for solving problems of engineering and mathematical models. FEM is often referred to as finite element analysis and originated from the need to solve complex linear and non-linear structural analysis problems in civil, mechanical, and aeronautical engineering. 

FEA is beneficial to any project that requires strength, durability, or dynamics analysis. It investigates design changes for cost, weight, manufacturing, benchmarking or performance reasons, and can provide confidence in designs before undertaking expensive and potentially destructive test regimes. Using sophisticated modeling software, FEA simulates interaction, and movement between parts in a system given a specific set of parameters. 

For components that are too large or complex for traditional testing, FEA provides a viable method to determine system dynamics and product characteristics. Our experts work with you to define boundary conditions and loadings that accurately reflect the service environment of your products. After running a finite element analysis, we can provide reliable data about ideal working conditions, fatigue, creep, load limits and durability, failure scenarios, and life cycling.

Finite Element Analysis in test programs

In addition to standard FEA simulation, we can provide complementary physical testing for projects with advanced testing requirements. Our labs are set up to perform testing on pressure vessels, windows and doors, aerospace components, structures, and many other product types.

Our experts regularly solve product failure issues through the investigation of CAD, in-service data, and material data coupled with detailed analysis. Our FEA teams work closely with physical testing experts to suggest solutions to client test failures, and to validate simulation with physical testing.

With state-of-the-art product testing facilities across the globe, we can also provide environmental simulation, durability cycling, structural dynamics programs and mechanical testing in the same program, making us a single-source provider for your qualification testing needs.

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finite element analysis (fea) services

FEA in Aerospace

Finite element analysis can be used to determine critical aerospace engine characteristics, including spin, heat transfer and fluid dynamics.

Our aerospace-dedicated FEA services include:

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finite element analysis (fea) services

FEA in Energy

The reliance on fluids in energy applications makes FEA a powerful tool for understanding the system dynamics and engineering requirements that ensure the safe function of projects and components. Moreover, FEA is used for the design and the simulation of the operating conditions of power plant components such as HRSG, steam and gas turbine, hydraulic turbine, valves, piping and penstocks.

We can provide finite element analysis for a variety of oil and gas applications, including:

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