Element’s agricultural soil testing and analysis services provide valuable insight that can help to maximize the yield and quality of crops in farm soil.

The fertility of farm soil plays a significant role in the quality and yield of a crop. Farm soil analysis provides information about what nutrients are available and what nutrients need to be introduced, which is critical information for commercial producers. Agricultural soil testing allows producers to use optimum fertilizer and lime rates to increase productivity, enhancing efficiency to maximize profits for a crop season; all while maintaining good environmental stewardship.

Element is a part of a system of agriculture soil testing labs, supporting the industry with full-spectrum soil testing for crop production. From determining nutrient content and soil composition to other characteristics such as acidity and salinity, our experts help you make sound agronomic decisions with accurate farm soil analysis.


Comprehensive agricultural soil testing services

From our ISO 17025 accredited farmland soil testing laboratories, our experts provide a complete suite of agronomic soil testing services, including advice on agricultural sampling regimes and suitable test methods. 

Our testing provides you with an understanding of available nutrient content and other soil properties essential for crop production. We can assist in testing for:

Understanding the status of plant-available nutrients and other soil chemical factors is essential for proper fertilizer recommendations and prevents practices that may create an adverse impact on the environment.


The Element advantage

Element’s experts are dedicated to providing superior laboratory services to help you analyze soil fertility and determine the chemical and biological soil properties important for plant nutrition. Our unique combination of high-quality science, industry experience, and advanced technology is central to our offering in all phases of the farmland soil testing process. Our goal is to help you ensure the health of your soil while maintaining maximum productivity for decades to come. 

To learn more about our agricultural soil testing and analysis services, or to understand how to collect soil samples, contact us today.


Download our agricultural soil testing and sampling guide

This downloadable article walks you through different sampling methods and all the important soil properties for healthy and productive soil.

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