Element has decades of experience in providing a comprehensive range of Oil and Gas testing services enabling critical infrastructure to be tested, inspected, and certified. We understand the complex challenges of searching for, extracting, and transporting oil and gas reserves in a reliable, efficient, and safe way.

Our Oil and Gas testing laboratories support our customers with a broad range of testing services for the upstream, midstream and downstream markets to ensure the safety and integrity of production and storage infrastructure, including rigs, catenary risers, pipes, and pipeline systems, refineries, and tanks. We have profound experience in laboratory and field-based methods, including

Our Oil and Gas testing laboratories

Element operates a global network of Oil and Gas testing laboratories which are located in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia. Most locations are focused on the requirements of their local and regional markets. Some laboratories offer specialized services including mechanical testing at cryogenic temperatures and determining the composition of natural gas.

The Element advantage

Everything Element does is designed to deliver Certainty to its customers. We make certain that the materials and products we test, inspect and certify for our customers are compliant, safe and fit for purpose to maintain the reliability of their production, transportation and storage infrastructure.

Our services

Materials Testing

Materials Testing

Find out more about Element's comprehensive ranges of materials testing services available in the TIC sector, covering materials selection, application and performance testing as well as failure analysis testing services.

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Materials Characterization

Find out how Element helps its customers to characterize, evaluate, select and apply metals, polymers, rubbers and elastomers in their end products and applications.

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Bending Fatigue Testing

Fatigue Testing

Find out how Element's fatigue testing labs help companies meet quality requirements and create safer, stronger, more successful parts and products.

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Fatigue Crack Growth Testing

Fracture Mechanics

Find out how Elements fracture mechanics services support the Oil and Gas Upstream sector

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Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

Find out how Element's global team of failure analysis experts learn from the past, to help prevent failures in service. 

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Mechanical Testing Services 640 x 480

Structural Testing & Mechanical Engineering

Element offers a range of advanced and application oriented engineering services to help solve a wide variety of mechanical engineering and structural engineering analysis problems.

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Corrosion Testing Services 

Find out about Elements extensive corrosion testing expertise in the Energy industry across a global network of laboratories.

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Coatings Testing

Coatings Testing

Find out about Elements range of coatings testing services designed to help to make certain that materials, products and pipelines we test for our customers are protected from corrosion, ultraviolet light, water penetration, heat, abrasion and chemicals.

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