Sebastien Jeuch has more than 20 years of experience in operations management and technical matters covering multiple sectors, including energy, aerospace, medical, automotive, and nuclear industries for the testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) industry.


Sebastien has a wealth of experience in operations and technical matters of testing, inspection, and certification laboratories across diverse industry sectors. In his current role as a Technical Director at Element Houston-Yorktown, he plays a pivotal role in providing technical support to both the business development team and overall operations.

With a proven track record in leadership and expertise in his field, Sebastien's commitment to delivering value to both the industry and customers underscores his role in driving positive outcomes.

Career highlights

    • Completion of multiple million-dollar qualifications projects for onshore and offshore in the Oil and Gas industry
    • Construction and integration of laboratories


Professional qualifications

    • Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics
    • Master’s degree in Material Sciences and Engineering
    • Master’s degree in Business Administration

Affiliations / Memberships / Working groups

    • API 1104 Fracture Mechanics Committee

Sector expertise

    • Energy
    • Oil & Gas onshore and offshore projects
    • Aerospace
    • Industrials

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