With 39 years of experience, Element enables its customers to develop, launch and sell their products worldwide.  From our laboratories in the USA, Europe and Asia, our experts combine their world-class technical expertise with a detailed knowledge of ever-changing international regulatory standards. And with a depth of experience of compliance and certification testing programs, we make certain that our customers' products are compliant, safe and fit for purpose. 

In January 2020, Element further expanded its capabilities within the Connected Technologies sector by acquiring PCTEST Engineering Laboratory (PCTEST), one of the worlds leading research and development, certification, and testing businesses. Officially formed as a PC test laboratory, PCTEST now specializes in the testing of mobile devices, wearables, and network connectivity.

PCTEST’s services include Radio Frequency (RF) exposure and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing, advanced battery performance and safety, RF and protocol testing, carrier conformance assessments and Over-The-Air (OTA), radiated antenna performance testing, 5G testing and Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) testing.

To find out how Element and PCTEST can help you solve your technical and commercial challenges, click on one of the links below.

Our services

Discover the full trange of Mobile and Cellular Device testing and certifcation services from Element

Field Interoperability Testing

Field Interoperability Testing (FIT)

Find out how Element supports mobile device OEM’s and Network Operators with their Field Interoperability Testing challenges.

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Hearing Aid Compatibility

Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)

Find out how Element delivers compliance testing and certification for Hearing Aid Compatibility for both RF Emissions and T-coil testing for wireless devices.

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5G Test and Certification Services

Find out how Element’s high capacity 5G test and certification services help you expedite your product’s journey to market.

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Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery and Certification

Find out how Element performs safety and compliance testing on Lithium-Ion batteries for the wireless industry.

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LTE Testing

Long Term Evolution (LTE) Testing

Find out how Element helps wireless broadband providers to increase the capacity and speed of their networks via Long-Term Evolution (LTE).

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Connected Technologies

Over The Air Testing Services

Find out how Element tests and certifies wireless devices to ensure they achieve effective radiated spatial performance for all relevant standards.

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RF Testing

RF Parametric and Protocol Testing Services

Find out how Elements RF Parametric and Protocol Testing Services allow your products to use the radio spectrum successfully while conforming to regulatory requirements.

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Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

Find out how Element tests wireless devices for compliance with radio frequency safety limits in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

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SunSpec Alliance Certification

Find out how Element provides conformance testing for Servers, DER Clients, and DER Aggregator Clients under the SunSpec, Distributed Energy Resource (DER) scheme.

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Verizon Wireless Open Development

Find out how Element certifies device manufacturers to access Verizon’s VZW national voice and data network in the USA.

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