Element is an independent third-party laboratory certified to perform Open Development certification testing for your wireless devices, allowing you to access new markets while saving time and money. 

The Verizon Wireless Open Development Program permits customer’s non-branded devices entry to VZW’s national voice and data network, and allows for:

  • Smaller scope of testing requirements
  • Reduced test time & cost
  • Use of VZW activation service portal & co-branding
  • Creativity of Hardware manufacturers and software developers

Element supports the VZW Open Development Certification for a variety of industries, from healthcare and consumer products to military and defense. We work in partnership with you to make certain that your products are safe and fit for purpose, so that your devices can access a global market efficiently. 

Element is committed to providing the wireless industry with a single hub for the testing and certification of wireless devices. To speak with an expert about our wireless testing services, contact us today.

  • Modules / Data Cards
  • Electric Meters / Utilities
  • Specialty Handsets / Ruggedized PDAs
  • Distribution / Data Aggregation Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Healthcare / Education
  • Lab Conformance
  • Transportation / Sub-Station Equipment
  • Telemetry Devices / Vehicle Tracking
  • SFN
  • M2M Devices
  • Multimode Approved
  • OD
  • Government / Military / Maritime
  • Home Appliances / Vending

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