Element offers innovative LTE™ Conformance testing services supporting RF, RRM, and Protocol Conformance in the 700 MHz Blocks, the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) Bands, and all the 3GPP frequency bands worldwide. Testing is performed according to 3GPP standards for GCF and PTCRB approvals in addition to Carrier-specific requirements. 

Our laboratories provide you with a comprehensive testing program to support you through a complex path to compliance. Our LTE Conformance testing services help you connect with global markets, including the United States, Europe, Canada, and Japan. 

Element performs complete turnkey solutions for:

  • RF Conformance
  • RRM Conformance
  • Signaling Conformance
  • Data Throughput/Data Retry
  • OTA Radiated Performance (MIMO, A-GPS, CA, CWG)
  • Field Tests
  • UICC (USAT-USIM-ISIM) Interaction

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