Our expert team combines state-of-the-art data science and machine learning methods, higher-level statistics, and scientific programming with expertise in the physical sciences to increase productivity and growth and identify new revenue streams for clients.

We use physics domain agnostic tools to solve data problems and leverage probabilistic, generative, and discriminative modeling for stand-alone data projects or to complement modeling and simulation projects to relieve bottlenecks. 

Our approach to data science allows you to gain insights and knowledge about your problems. Our applied science and statistics approaches draw on methods from various fields, including:

  • Computing
  • Problem conceptualization
  • Mathematics
  • Machine learning
  • Data processing

How can data science be applied to solve your problem?

Our data scientists have backgrounds in physical sciences and engineering and will work with your domain experts to understand your needs. Our data scientists' role is to ask the right questions and translate a problem from natural language to a mathematical representation that has a numeric solution. We will help you plan and design a bespoke solution that works for your needs. 

The Element advantage

Close collaboration between experts and data scientists is crucial to extract value from data and maximize the opportunities for any project to reach fruition and deployment. Contact our expert Digital Engineering team today to learn how to use machine learning and data science to increase productivity, growth and develop new revenue streams within your organization.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your laboratory challenges and let’s tailor the best solution together.

Our team are ready to help.