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We understand that ethical and sustainable business practices are increasingly important to the success of our customers operations, which is why sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

As an industry leader in Testing, Inspection, Certification and Calibration services, our sustainability specialists work collaboratively with customers to reach their sustainable goals whilst providing full traceability throughout complex supply chains.

Our dedicated sustainability specialists will ascertain your specific needs and provide bespoke end-to-end services that work for you – from testing of materials and products to ensuring they are safe, of high-quality and sustainable. We also provide sustainable certification and assurance of your management systems to ensure that efficient processes are undertaken.

Net Zero

Whether you’re already working towards meeting an ambitious net zero target, or if you’re beginning your journey and need help understanding how to make a start, choose Element as your sustainability consultants & testing partner and let us start supporting you today.

Providing confidence in your products, systems and processes

Assurance and Verification

Across all sectors, positive-impact, purpose-driven companies are focusing on the need to manage and reduce their environmental footprint to meet stakeholder, reputational, organizational and societal expectations. Having audited systems and processes in place to identify, monitor, measure and improve your impact has become business critical. Delivering and accurately communicating on their progress through traceable, reliable and trustworthy information is a crucial part of this process.

Driving Process and System Efficiency

Our experts work with businesses to certify materials, and identify and manage sourcing risks throughout the supply chain. We do this through various schemes, for example the widely known Forest Stewardship Council scheme (FSC™) and the new Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). We can also advise on implementation of environmental and energy management systems to standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

Third party verification gives organizations and their stakeholders confidence in the data and ensures compliance with both its own environmental policies and regulatory or legal responsibilities. Speak to our experts to establish how our third and second party auditing can help you meet your sustainability goals.

Timber Inspection
Clean Water
Demystifying the complexity of compliance

Monitoring and Compliance

Regulatory requirements mean that organisations need to be aware of the impact of their emissions to air, soil and water, and that containment levels are strictly controlled and approved levels adhered to. Element's cross sector expertise will ensure you accurately monitor your performance to protect the environment and successfully manage health and safety at a local and global level.

Monitoring for success

We are dedicated to sharing our expertise with our customers and adopting a proactive approach to simplifying and optimising compliance processes around emissions and contaminants. We will help identify and qualify the risk factors involved and develop a comprehensive management programme of control, monitoring, auditing and measuring.  Whether you are looking to comply with existing permits or needing to establish if you can successfully comply with new requirements our experts can support you.

By measuring discharges to air, water and land, and monitoring levels of toxic build up over time we can help you mitigate risk to the environment and protect your operations and reputation. 

We also help businesses undertake site specific detailed appraisals of potential risks from land contamination using the Bioaccessibility Research Group of Europe (BARGE) and Fed Organic Estimation Human Simulation Test (FOREhST) methods of estimating the bioaccessible fraction of substances in soil. Our breadth of expertise means that when you need certainty around the discharges to, or contamination in, air, water or soil, we can provide the services you need, when and where you need them.

Hydrocarbons in soil
Sustainable Energy
Optimising innovative solutions for positive impact

Sustainable Development

Increasingly organisations are looking to develop new products or refine existing ones to meet sustainability goals around responsible resourcing, energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Doing so can provide many opportunities but also introduce new risks. Identifying these risks and opportunities at the outset can help maximise the benefits these improvement projects can make to an organisation and the wider community. By collaborating with our experts in the early phase of your projects, we can help balance the sustainability benefits of the finished product against any specific impacts of the new raw materials or associated value chains.

Helping your products get to market

Many of the technological developments that could accelerate change are already in progress; from qualifying the use of composite material to increase fuel efficiency, to implementing carbon capture technology, to the use of modelling software to plan complex projects without the need for prototypes.

Our teams of experts can work with you on the life cycle assessment of your R&D initiatives to get your products to market quickly while protecting your investment.

Whether you are looking to utilise computer modelling to better understand potential life cycle impacts or looking to introduce natural fibres into component parts. You may wish to focus on reducing fugitive GHG emissions, essential in net zero carbon goals or be looking to support the move to electrification or the introduction of hydrogen fuels.  Whatever your project, Element can support from conception, design, sourcing, testing and ultimately delivering to market.

Electric Vehicle

Sustainable Solutions Q&A

Head of Sustainable Solutions, Andy Green introduces Element’s Sustainable Solutions and explains the value that these services bring to our clients.

Watch this video and discover how we can improve your environmental performance and help you deliver on net zero goals.

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