The world is changing; society is changing; our customers are changing and so is Element.

Society’s demand for energy is predicted to continue to increase significantly over the coming years in support of future economic and consumer growth across the world. However, society is also increasingly demanding that this energy is delivered in new, better, low-carbon ways, which is driving a significant period of transition in the way energy is globally produced, transported and consumed.

In response to this dual challenge, the leading providers of energy and their supply chain partners are diversifying; developing and deploying new technologies to deliver innovative, reliable and cleaner oil, gas and low-carbon energy solutions which are revolutionising the way in which our current and future needs are met. 

With over 100 years’ experience in supporting a diverse range of Energy customers, Element understands the evolving Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) requirements of the global Energy sector.  

We are the number one provider of Materials Testing, Inspection and Certification services to the Oil and Gas Upstream sector; the number one provider to the Wind Sector in the USA and a leading international provider to the Conventional Fuel and Nuclear Power Generation sector.

Our team of over 600 scientists and engineers, located in 23 worldwide facilities are world leaders in materials characterization; fatigue testing; fracture mechanics; engineering critical assessments; corrosion testing and coatings testing; weld testing and weld procedure qualification services and non-destructive inspection services for a diverse range of metals, polymers and elastomers.

We will continue to work with all our customers within the Energy sector to make certain that the materials and products within these emerging, new energy solutions are always compliant, safe, and fit for purpose and support the realization of their growth and low carbon objectives.