As a recognized leader in the provision of welding services, Element offers full weld procedure and welder qualification certificate services such as WPS, WPQ, WPQR, and WQC in accordance with recognized welding standards and regulations around the world. 

With fully accredited ISO 17025 and AWS destructive testing and non-destructive testing laboratories, Element offers a comprehensive weld procedure, welder qualification, and certification programs to ensure conformance to code requirements and standards, including ASME, AWS, API, MIL-STD, and PED/EN. 

Welding qualification and certification services

Element’s welding specialists can support you throughout your journey to achieve welding certification. Our support ranges from preparation of WPQ and WPQR documentation and conducting weld inspections and safety checks, to performing qualification and coupon testing, and writing, reviewing, and issuing welder qualification and certificate packages.

We combine the technical wealth of experience of our ASME and AWS certified welding inspectors (CWI’s) with a wide range of highly specialized welding equipment to deliver qualification and certification services that increase the chance of successful repairs in the field, limit the cost of delays, and save money.  

Our approach to welding procedure certification 

Element offers testing for all aspects of weld procedure and performance qualification to help you achieve your welder certification by providing:

  • Qualified generic Weld Procedure Specification sheet (WPS)
  • Range of approval sheet, allowing visibility of procedural restrictions based on essential variables
  • Record of weld test sheet, showing all the key features used to qualify the procedure
  • Monitoring data, each and every run, as recorded by the weld inspector
  • Parent material certificates
  • Filler material certificates
  • Non-destructive testing reports
  • Destructive testing reports
  • Post weld heat treatment graph/report (if applicable)
  • Notified Body endorsement as required

For welders who pass their performance test and achieve certification, Element provides qualification documents, including: 

  • Welder qualification test certificate
  • Prolongation continuation sheet
  • Laboratory test reports
  • Notified Body endorsement as required

For more information about our weld procedure, welder qualification and certification service or to request a quote, contact us today.

“[…]Your CWI is a wealth of knowledge. I appreciate the quick response times. They are a pleasure to work with on many projects. Very hard to pick one choice on the positive aspect of my experience.”

Daniel Crifase, CWI/CWE

ARK Welding Inspection Services

A WPQR is a company-specific qualification that proves that the holding company possesses the technical welding knowledge necessary to perform metal joining work. Generally, a new welding procedure qualification record is required each time a welding procedure is introduced. 

To obtain the qualification, an independent specialist must observe the new procedure being used on a sample welding plate or pipe. Element's experienced welding coordinators can support you in the process of creating welding procedure and are also authorized to act as independent specialists. 

Once the sample welding plate or pipe has been welded, it is machined into test samples, which can then be passed to the Element laboratories for destructive and non-destructive testing. Element then presents the results of these tests in a certificate (the WPQR) which provides a practical assessment of the welding method description.  All of this testing is conducted under ISO 17025 certification.

A WQC is a test certificate that shows whether a welder is skilled in welding to the specifications of a particular standard. Element welding specialists can certify the welder through destructive and non-destructive tests to determine whether the welder is capable of producing a good weld quality using the welding processes, materials, and prescribed procedures. 

A welder who has performed a test for a Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR) automatically qualifies as a welder. If a good result is achieved, the welder receives an individual test certificate — the WQC.

In preparing new weld procedures to satisfy project requirements, our welding services offer expertise in reviewing client specifications against fabrication requirements and preparing pWPS, and propose an interpretation of the testing and acceptance criteria. Following the customer review and comments, adjustments can be incorporated into the final version, and instructions issued for the welder and inspector once these have been agreed by all relevant parties.


Welding Fume Safety - Everything You Need To Know

UK legislation states that all workers must be protected from hazardous airborne substances. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations set out clear rules for employers to provide a safe working environment including welding fume safety.

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