Nuclear power testing plays a vital role in supporting the environment and regulatory guidelines to reduce greenhouse emissions. It is critical to test power plants to maintain the safety, performance, and reliability of nuclear power, as it is essential in the Energy market.

Element's laboratories offer a range of new build, life extension, and decommissioning services to support the nuclear sector. Our world-class quality assurance, asset integrity, and failure analysis capabilities make certain that your materials and components are fit-for-purpose.


New build nuclear power plant testing 

Our experts ensure quality assurance activities from initial design and construction through to commissioning. We have regulatory and safety certifications to ensure long-term reliability and safe operations.

Element’s Nuclear Equipment Qualification (EQ) Services are an essential part of the safety checking process for nuclear power plants, ensuring that components and systems being manufactured for nuclear power stations perform their required functions throughout their operational lives, including under accident or seismic conditions.

Our materials testing services include;

Element's Digital Engineering team works with modeling and simulation software to calculate the safety and efficiency of critical components during the research and development stage of product design.

We work on thermal hydraulics simulation of primary, secondary and tertiary circuits, and component integrity assessments of reactor internals, pressure vessels, and balance of plant. Our integrity team has deep expertise in the application of nuclear integrity codes, including R5, R6, and the ASME nuclear design codes.


Life extension of nuclear power plants

Effective management of the structural integrity of a plant is key to ensuring it remains safe and productive. Failing to do so can cause loss of production, severe environmental impact, and in the worst case, result in a loss of life. Element performs Fitness For Service (FFS) testing and Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) of operational assets to minimize risk and extend the life of your assets.


Decommissioning nuclear plants

Nuclear decommissioning is an administrative and technical process that must adhere to strict environmental regulations. Element are leaders in materials testing and can test the integrity and weld strength of equipment used to house nuclear waste.

Our safety and environmental compliance team manage asbestos remedial works during site decommissioning, this involves asbestos air testing, management surveys, removal project management and refurb & demolition surveys. Our operations are in line with national legislation under CAR 2012, delivered in accordance with the international standards ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020.

Our environmental experts also offer workplace air monitoringelectromagnetic field surveys and a range of other occupational hygiene services.


The Element advantage in nuclear energy testing

Our global team of experts is world leaders in materials characterization, fatigue testing, fracture mechanics, corrosion and coatings testing, weld testing and weld procedure qualification services, and non-destructive inspection for a diverse range of materials, products, and components. 

From the start of your tender program to decommissioning, our experts are best placed to ensure your testing and qualification programs' safe, compliant, and long-term success.

For more information about our nuclear power testing capabilities, contact our experts today. 


Nuclear decommissioning case study

Read our case study to discover how Element delivers high-quality, safe and fully compliant solutions to complex, technically demanding asbestos management work.

Learn how the scale and complexity of nuclear power stations are challenging sites for our environmental compliance experts.

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Our Services

Fitness For Service (FFS)

Fitness For Service (FFS)

Element’s Fitness for Service (FFS) – AP 579/ASME FFS-1 services help determine if your equipment is safe and fit for continued operation to prevent failures, minimize risks and eliminate costly repairs.


Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) Services

Element provides Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) to determine if a flaw in welded structures is safe from brittle fracture, fatigue, or creep.

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Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage

Learn more about our testing capabilities to prevent corrosion at transport infrastructure for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

Non Destructive Testing 640x480

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Find out about the range of NDT services Element uses to evaluate the properties of a material, parts, products, welds, or systems without materially affecting the integrity of the items being tested.

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Fracture Toughness Testing

Find out how Element utilizes its fracture toughness testing capabilities and expertise to predict and prevent potential pipeline cracking and failure.

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Corrosion Testing Services

Corrosion Testing

Find out how Element's corrosion testing programs can drastically reduce the risks associated with corrosion.

asset Integrity management

Asset Integrity Management

Our asset integrity services within the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and Process industry ensure your critical infrastructure is safe, reliable, and operationally efficient.

Nuclear Equipment Qualification

Nuclear Equipment Qualification

Element’s Nuclear Equipment Qualification (EQ) Services are an essential part of the safety checking process for nuclear power plants

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