Element’s Nuclear Equipment Qualification (EQ) Services are an essential part of the safety checking process for nuclear power plants, ensuring that components and systems being manufactured for nuclear power stations perform their required functions throughout their operational lives, including under accident or seismic conditions.

A fundamental requirement of the UK’s approach to safety assessment for nuclear facilities, Equipment qualification (EQ) makes sure that safety-critical components and systems meet all the necessary quality standards.

Technology vendors must demonstrate to regulators that any safety-related or safety-critical equipment used in nuclear facilities will operate on demand and as intended. 

Equipment Qualification Services Alliance

Element is part of the Equipment Qualification Services Alliance (EQSA), which brings together the specialist qualification expertise and testing facilities necessary for UK manufacturers wishing to respond to the specific needs of the nuclear industry. EQSA is dedicated to ensuring components qualify ‘right first time’ to help avoid unnecessary EQ-related delays and costs as well as meet UK regulatory expectations.

Element Supports Your Equipment Qualification

Working alongside Wood Nuclear, Tecnatom and TUV Rheinland, Element’s Equipment Qualification services for nuclear sites in the UK and Europe include:

  • Cost-effective advice, design support and guidance, from tender to qualification
  • Extensive experience in international regulations and applicable standards, with long-term bodies
  • Accelerated ageing tests on material and equipment
  • Vibration and shock testing on largest commercially available electrodynamic shakers
  • Seismic testing on triaxial 3x3m table, with FEA support
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC)
  • Accident conditions/design basis event testing (such as loss-of-coolant accident)
  • A full range of testing facilities for mechanical and corrosion resistance property determination, for example fracture toughness - specialists in high temperature materials testing
  • Accelerated ageing testing
  • Mechanical and corrosion resistance testing
  • Extensive facilities covering CE marking testing and certification and CE Notified Body services

From the start of your tender or qualification programme, our Engaged Expert team and the combined Equipment Qualification Services Alliance (EQSA) are best placed to ensure the safe, compliant and long-term success of Nuclear Equipment Qualification programmes for the following sectors:

  • Nuclear new builds (NNB)
  • Modification projects
  • Nuclear supply chain

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