Element's nuclear equipment obsolescence solutions solve mature plant operator needs. We focus on the selection of new nuclear grade components, their qualification, and if needed, their dedication for safety-related applications. We offer qualified replacements for many electrical and mechanical safety-related components that are no longer available from OEMs.

Element certifies equipment for Class 1E installation for mild or harsh environments to IEEE 323 and IEEE 344. These systems include instrumentation, digital recorders, batteries, gauges, motors, panels and chillers from manufacturers such as Bussman, Siemens, Yokogawa and GE. Element can also provide engineering evaluations to determine the best potential replacement from over 200 manufacturers of nuclear grade equipment.

With expertise in solving plant needs, we lead the industry in:

    • Digital upgrades
    • MCC bucket replacements
    • Motor rewinds
    • Governor rebuilds
    • Modifications to or design of replacement safety-related systems
    • Instrumentation panel and component design

All programs are conducted in accordance with 10CFR50 App. B and 10CFR21.

EPRI NP-5652 Nuclear Dedication

As members and direct participates in industry task groups, Element maintains a clear edge in the industry. We are involved in developing standards, guidelines and resolution of key NRC questions about critical characteristics verification, sampling, traceability, surveys, and like-for-like replacements. Our nuclear staff meets ANSI N45.2.6 Level II Inspector requirements, and our nuclear dedication programs are tailored to each application and nuclear safety related product. We also provide technical evaluations, critical characteristics and safety class determinations.

Seismic and Equipment Qualification Engineering

Element works to save you time and expense with our qualification databases. By flagging potential problems during pre-qualification, upgrades can often be based on prior testing. Our extensive engineering staff and in-house test facilities fully support your field teams, including a complete architectural and engineering division.

Specific capabilities include:

    • Retrofit qualification and testing
    • Qualification assessment and upgrades
    • Equivalency testing for replacement parts
    • Predictive maintenance programs
    • Plant life extension (PLEX) consulting
    • Commercial grade dedication and assessment
    • Materials aging database services
    • Seismic analyses and upgrades

Element can resolve licensing issues or support hardware retrofit and replacement programs to meet your specifications, regulatory codes and requirements. Our seismic and EQ test services include:

    • Thermal and radiation aging
    • Seismic testing
    • Accident (Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA)) testing
    • Functional monitoring
    • Test procedure preparation
    • Modal analysis and testing
    • Fixture design and fabrication

We operate three single axis, triaxial and biaxial seismic machines - plus numerous accident and aging chambers - to quickly respond to your needs.

Seismic and Nuclear Testing Services

Element houses more than 30 different aging ovens for environmental qualification programs. Thermocouples and electronic temperature controllers are used to maintain the specified thermal aging temperature. Temperatures are continuously recorded and maintained within +5/-0°F of the specified thermal aging temperature. Redundant controllers are used to prevent overheating of the test samples in the event of a malfunction of the main controller.

In addition to aging ovens, our Nuclear Center of Excellence features a LOCA Test Facility with five permanent LOCA test chambers. These test chambers use saturated and superheated steam, compressed air, and water or chemical spray. LOCA-installed test samples can be provided with various electrical and mechanical inputs. Test chamber and test sample operability parameters are recorded on a state-of-the-art digital data acquisition system.

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